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Welcome to the Australian Adult Learning Institute

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1300 735 381


With over 25 years of industry experience in Adult Education we offer Nationally Recognised Qualifications that can be obtained online, by correspondence, within your workplace, or on location within Australia and Internationally.

Our drive is to support you through from your enrolment with us to the successful completion of your qualification.

We are known for our customer service excellence

We offer One on One support by leading industry experts to ensure that your learning experience is guided towards success.

All Qualifications offered by the Australian Adult Learning Institute are Nationally Recognised Qualifications.

At the Australian Adult Learning Institute we believe in
making education affordable.

Sale Continues Until 31st July 2016

Due to popular demand

"All prices advertised are for the full course with no hidden costs." 

All prices advertised include all the learning resources you need to successfully complete your qualification.

You are also assigned a dedicated, qualified, and industry experienced Trainer, who is there for support should you need it.

How would you prefer to complete your Nationally Recognised Quailification?

100% Online Learning

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Complete Your Nationally Recognised Qualification 100% Online

Our online learning platform allows you to complete your qualification on any Smart Phone, Tablet, Ipad, Computer or MAC.

Your online learning materials and assessment activities can be accessed 24 hours, 365 days a year. You can save your work as you go and complete your qualification at your own pace within 12 months, if not sooner. 

Our online learning platform also allows you to login to your online learning multiple times, using multiple devices.

All of our online learning materials are 100% compliant and are always updated to meet industry standards and requirements. 

To streamline the completion of your qualification, once enrolled you are assigned a dedicated experienced Trainer who is there for your support should you have a question or need guidance as you complete your qualification. Your Trainer will work with you through your learning journey through to completion. 

Once you have completed your qualification you will remain to have unlimited access to your learning resources for your reference.

100% Correspondence (Printed Materials)

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Complete Your Nationally Recognised Qualification By Correspondence

All of our learning materials are 100% compliant and are regularly updated to meet industry standards and requirements.

To streamline the completion of your qualification, once enrolled you are assigned a dedicated experienced Trainer who is there for your support should you have a question or need guidance as you complete your qualification. Your Trainer will work with you through your learning journey through to completion. 

All of your learning materials and assessment activities are professionally printed and will be sent by express courier to you.

Complete your qualification self paced within 12 months, if not sooner.

Once you have completed your assessments, you can post, email or message your completed work to the Australian Adult Learning Institute to be assessed by your dedicated Trainer.

To find out more about completing your Nationally Recognised Qualification by correspondence please contact us.

Recognition of Prior Learning

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What is Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?
Recognition of prior learning (RPL) is defined as follows:
Recognition of prior learning is an assessment process that involves assessment of an individual’s relevant prior learning (including formal, informal and non-formal learning) to determine the credit outcomes of an individual application for credit.
Credit is the value assigned for the recognition of equivalence in content and learning outcomes between different types of learning and/or qualifications. Credit reduces the amount of learning required to achieve a qualification and may be through credit transfer, articulation, recognition of prior learning or advanced standing.
RPL assessment methods used by the Australian Adult Learning Institute:
  • Inclusion of reasonable adjustment for the literacy levels, cultural background and experiences of students
  • Request for specific evidence required to demonstrate prior achievement of the learning outcomes and assessment requirements of the particular qualification components for which credit is sought
  • Provision of a range of ways for individuals to demonstrate that they have met the required outcomes and can be granted credit.
These might include:
  • Mapping of learning outcomes from prior formal or non-formal learning to the relevant qualification components
  • Questioning (oral or written)
  • Observation of performance in work based and/or simulated environments
  • Consideration of third party reports and/or other documentation such as articles, reports and project material
  • Papers, testimonials or other products prepared by the RPL applicant that relate to the learning outcomes of the relevant qualification component
  • Consideration of a portfolio and review of contents
  • Participation in structured assessment activities that individuals normally would be required to undertake if they were enrolled in the qualification components.
The assessment outcomes may enable you to meet the entry requirements and/or components of the qualification.
This may reduce the duration of time to complete your qualification.

Like to know more?


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Some training organisations talk about great customer service and support. 
We deliver it!

Current Customer Satisfaction: 99.87% 

I completed the course on mid-June and would like to share that it was indeed a great experience, in particular, because of Matt's support. I'd like to thank you and your team for creating such a user friendly platform and provide a knowledgeable and flexible trainer. 
While I had my back issue, I was still encouraged to deliver the projects with more flexibility in assessment criteria. This was the best thing as I couldn't work on my daily job tasks and the training was the main thing to keep me going.
Elham Arabi (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Enrolling with AALI is one of the best decision in my life. AALI has only one problem, that they are too good to be true. I can’t find a single reason to give negative rating to team AALI. They are cooperating, supporting, honest, true guides, prompt and knowledgable. During my TAE40110, my mentor was Raymond and I found him to be very helpful and prompt. I loved the way team AALI put efforts in helping students to find out alternate solutions when they see students stuck with something. Thank you for making my journey truly memorable.  
Hetas Pandya (Certificate IV Training and Assessment)

This was only one unit in the TAE program, however everything went so smoothly, the online training was excellent, well laid out and easy to follow. Plenty of references available, and I was able to complete the unit in a timely manner
Thank you. Overall Rating Excellent.
Rodney Ramsay (Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

I'm very happy with my decision to do a certificate IV in training and assessment from AALI. From my first interaction with Kev to later interactions with Colin and my assessor Matt, I always felt comfortable and enjoyed my learning experience.
The learning material supplied was good and the support provided excellent with queries quickly answered and assignments evaluated on a timely basis.
Having heard many horror stories about RTOs not keeping up to what they advertise I'm happy to state that AALI more than lives up to the promises they makes to you. I recommend them to anyone thinking of gaining a qualification as they are reliable, supportive and prompt towards their students queries and learning needs. 
Arjun Pinto Prabhu (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Thanks so much for organising my phone interview and the marking of my units so quickly – I have now been able to ring my new employer and start getting things organised, which I am very excited about!
 I thoroughly enjoyed the course and I learnt a lot in a short period of time. Your online learning program is excellent – it is very efficient and well backed up with email and phone support. 
 I would have no hesitation in recommending you and your organisation to prospective learners.
 It was great to work with someone so professional and friendly – thanks again!
Alistair McLellan (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I want to say that I have been very satisfied with the level of service and assistance that I have received from yourself and Ray 
I would definitely recommend you guys!
Irena Veca (Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

The website is very user friendly and the course is both relevant and easy to navigate.
A very good experience. Overall Rating: Excellent
William Ellsum (Plan e-marketing communications)

It has been a pleasure to deal with your organisation. Dave the trainer was very professional and able to clarify any areas of concern. He was contactable and responded appropriately. The Australian Adult Learning Institute were very helpful and professional to deal with. I would definitely recommend this organisation to other prospective students.
Renate Crowe (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment) 

Ray has been a great support. He responds to my query even after hours. Much much appreciated.
Hetas Pandya (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Great course. Trainer was always helpful and the format of the course clear. I would recommend the Australian Adult Learning Institute and the course. Overall rating Excellent. 
Judith Clarke (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I have enjoyed doing this course and would recommend it to any one wanting to operate a small business. Thank You
Mirko Plavsic (Certificate IV in Small Business Management)

Thanks again for the opportunity to discover and fine tune the techniques needed to not only pass this course, but to enrich our dealings with other people in our lives. Your enthusiasm and professionalism was inspirational.
 I have spoken highly to my friends of the value of the course.
Ray Pratt (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I would like to thank you for such a great experience. I have never expected that online training can be challenging in a positive way! I used to work as a methodologist of remote education in Poland and AALI is the best example I could imagine! REALLY! Your training materials are relevant. It was enough to complete the assessment, however, you ALWAYS had some support materials when needed. I also REALLY appreciate your help! It was always clear and quick to respond. Well done AALI ;-)
In your training materials there is the sentence I would like to use: "Meeting the learning/training needs of non-native English speakers is one of the biggest challenges facing RTOs" You did it exceptionally well! I am the proof - international non-native student who has gained a lot of valuable knowledge and feels confident.
Thank you AALI. You are amazing and I wish you all the best with your training experiences!
Paula Korczynska (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Thanks so much for your extremely quick response with the assessment Dave. I really appreciate it. 
I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this course, and being able to do it online at my own pace has been ideal.
I'm really happy with the course you provided online. 
I found it very comprehensive and I enjoyed that I could do this at my own pace. 
Whenever I emailed a question, I usually got a reply very quickly. 
The website is easy to navigate.  
Having completed these units online and appreciating the depth of content.
I would definitely consider doing a further course with you in the future and would recommend you to others.
Christine Elliot (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I just wanted to report Ray's outstanding professionalism and how happy I am to have found a RTO as efficient as yours. It is very refreshing.
Danilo Rossomando (Certificate IV in Small Business Management)

I cannot praise Colin and Kevin enough for their support, always getting back to me with either phone call or email or both, it was greatly appreciated. Experience with AALI: Excellent
Bettina Schmoll (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I was sceptical initially because of all the negative publicity surrounding online learning, but I did my research and decided on AALI.
Course materials allowed me to reach a good understanding of each subject. Learning modules are structured and it was easy to plan my progression. Assessment questions are well structured, first covering basic concepts, progressing to more detailed in-depth projects where I was encouraged to do wider reading and develop research techniques to demonstrate competency.
Assessments were marked quickly, within two to three days of submission. Feedback was detailed and clear.
I needed to complete this qualification in a short period of time. Due to the support from my assessor and the management of AALI, I was able to keep to my schedule. I can certainly recommend you to anyone!
Jacob Marx (Diploma of Management)

Thank you for the learning opportunity provided, already the things I have learned through this course has helped me with work within Woolworths. 
Overall Rating: Excellent
Dylan Hellier (Certificate IV in Frontline Management)

AALI provided an excellent opportunity for me to take a step back and reflect on my teaching & assessment practices. Studying the LLN unit with AALI was a fantastic learning experience as the on-line unit material and resources were readily available for an adult learner to engage with at their own pace.
Feedback from trainer was constructive and addressed learning from a different perspective. In all, the AALI provided the support I needed to get the LLN unit of study completed successfully. Overall rating Excellent.
Antonia Legaie (TAELLN411 Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

Attaining the necessary updated Unit in my teaching certificate was painless. I spoke to several providers but settled with AALI because when I spoke with Kev he was the most helpful and offered the best rates. Since I was applying for RPL, and since I am already teaching professionally, I was not looking to outlay a lot of money. I needed to complete the unit ASAP as I am applying for a new teaching position, and AALI were accomodating.
The telephone interview was straightforward, and Colin was efficient and polite. I would happily recommend AALI as a provider to anyone who asked me.
Janis Lander (TAELLN411 Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

My experience with AALI has been outstanding from the start to finish. 
I find AALI efficient and professional. I'm thankful and very happy with the outcome of my learning.
Mariluz Masamayor (Certificate IV Training and Assessment)

Dave thanks very much for the speedy marking, you're even quicker than me!, 
Also appreciate the feedback!
 Must say, as a whole AALI is very professional.
Daniel Smith (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I was very pleased with the assistance and would recomment to others. Rating Excellent.
Scott Taylor (Certificate IV in Frontline Management)

Having previously completed my Cert IV TAE with AALI and run small business's most of my adult life, I decided a Cert IV in SBM would be a logical next step to compliment the TAE. AALI explained the RPL process well, although I thought it best to complete all units so as to uncover different methods of operation. I'm happy I did because I did learn new methods. The support I recieved was once again fantastic and I now plan to begin Cert IV in Leadership and Management. I am glad I did the initial RTO research and found AALI because in my opinion I defininately found one of if not the best.
Ray Croft (Certificate IV in Small Business Management)

I selected AALI because during the initial phone enquiries they were extremely calm and measured. There was no attempt to sell me a course and the conversations were focused on what I needed to achieve.
Modules were delivered as needed and they were marked within a day.
All up an excellent service, thanks guys.
George Crofts (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

After so long trying to get this qualification completed with Tafe, who were totally unorganised and inefficient, constantly changing the rules and requirements, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to get the whole thing done and dusted so professionally and quickly with your company. Thankyou!
Diane Hunt (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Excellent support and quick response times. Assignments were well designed and easy to work with. The entire study process was a pleasant and stress-free experience. 
Gerd Bahr-Vollrath (Certificate IV in Frontline Management)

Your support and communication has been absolutely first class. I'll highly recommend you from now on. 
Lucas Merlo (TAELLN411 Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

Absolutely first class, there is no other way to describe it.  I've been training for over 20 years....and up until now, thought I was the best.....then this......Kev guy came along, with all his knowledge and skill and understanding, Oh and his too die for system and staff support.  Oh and then when I had challenges, he decided to stay on the phone until he was absolutely sure that I was OK.
If only the back end side of the business was so good.....OH, it was!
What's my new benchmark....AALI
Thanks heaps guys, well done, great business!
Danny Chard (TAELLN411 Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

Thank You very much, for helping me complete the course.
It would not have been possible without your tremendous support with training and guidance.
You made an arduous task easy and it had been great working with you.
I am so thrilled with the support and service rendered that when I get a chance will talk about your institute or refer anyone who is willing or thinking of doing some study course that are offered by AALI.
Subbu Buddhavarapu (Diploma of Management)

I was very nervous and anxious before starting the actual course. But the e-mail's and the extreme support from my trainer made me calm and gave the confidence to go ahead and do the required assessment. I thank very much my trainer and the whole staff of Australian Adult Learning Institute for helping me to finish my learning successfully.
(Overall Rating Excellent)
Sruthy Korembith (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I started the course with less English Skills and IT knowledge but now feel I have the self confidence and experience to teach by different teaching ways. I found dealing with and the help provided by my trainer to be excellent. I will encourage my friends to study with AALI and I will choose another course to study. Thank you.
(Overall Rating Excellent)
Elham Zaki (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Excellent quality, emails or phone calls were always responded to quickly, help or advice was provided when needed.
Nigel Morgan (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Thanks Dave I have been highly recommending your RTO to my colleagues. Thanks for your help.
Britt Andrews (Certificiate IV in Training and Assessment)

It has been an excellent experience learning with the Australian Adult Learning Institute. The learning materials and online learning mode is easy to follow and are great. Trainers in this Institute are very supportive and always give assistance and feedback promptly when I send them emails or call them to ask questions about assignments. Thank you very much.
Yating Wang (Certificiate IV in Training and Assessment)

The online content of the course is well constructed and easy to follow. The content was to the point and concise without being too vague.
The Tasks are well set out and easy to understand. I found little need to seek assistance as the required outcome was clear. 
(Overal Rating Excellent)
Jason Humphries (Certificate IV Small Business Management)

Thank you very much for your help and support. I would certainly recommend your organisation to my friends and colleagues for any training they may want to undertake.
Ro Connolly (Certificate in IV Training and Assessment)

My experience was just great. The level of assistance I received was way above what I expected. I found my trainer very helpful, polite and extremely easy to work with. I would definitely use the Australian Adult Learning Institute again. I can't recommend them enough.
Anne Black (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

The on-line method of learning was great-very straight forward and easy to navigate around the various areas/sections of the portal.
I appreciated the comments & feedback provided for each unit and for the associated sections/activities for each unit.
I was fortunate to have really good support at work to enable me to practice my new skills and to also to design some training sessions around real-life training requirements of particular staff/teams. The number of opportunities to deliver training and/or to conduct assessments as part of the units was valuable for my learning.
I also appreciated greatly the reasonably quick and responsive assessments of my work for each of the units ie 
I have completed other qualifications/courses on-line whereby I have waited up to 5-6 weeks to have my work assessed. This definitely was not the case at all AALI. Thanks to everyone at AALI for making my learning experience enjoyable, meaningful and practical.
Sandy Colgan (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Thank you so much! You have made my learning experience as enjoyable as it could possibly be.
I really appreciate all your help and will be happy to recommend you to anyone who needs to complete their TAE or LLN certificates.
All the best! (Overall Rating Excellent)
Dee O'Keefe (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I am extremely impressed in the way in which the whole learning process was handled.
I was a little reluctant in signing onto any on-line program fearing that the learning material may not be up to standard and slow- if any support. I also realize many employ great sales teams to sell their product but lack follow up support.
I was told from the start that support would be there as required and it was, I chose to telephone during the day and talk direct with my tutor who was available almost immediately on most occasions, when he could not make himself available he sent me a text with a brief explanation and an apology then got back to me when he was available which was never more than the following morning. All assessments were marked and sent back within a couple of days. 
Explanations and support in general were never in a rushed format and I always felt I understood clearly after explanations and discussions.
I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend the 'Australian Adult Learning Institute' to anyone who is looking to gain nationally recognized qualifications on-line.  
Ray Croft (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I’m very happy with the Australian Adult Learning Institute and the help with info requested for my Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and will not hesitate to call on you for any further qualifications that I might need down the road!!! 
Thank you again!
Bill Fifis (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I have really enjoyed completing the course with you and I look forward to completing another. 
You are really good at your job and the support you provided from start to finish was absolutely great!
Matt Croft (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Thanks AALI for a fantastic job and I have today taken receipt of my new Certificate.
I will surely keep in touch!
Great Mukunde (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

I had wonderful experience completing my course with AALI. Trainer's were very supportive and co-operative. 
Overall Rating EXCELLENT.
Sultana Thanawala (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Could not be happier with the service I received, in particular the speedy and efficient manner that you dealt with any enquiries. Overall Rating EXCELLENT.
David Cunneen (Diploma of Management)

I would like to make a separate acknowledgment to credit my trainer Kevin for his persistent and ongoing support / help. 
Overall Rating EXCELLENT.
Kyle Hellier (Certificate IV in Frontline Management) 

All was professionally handled and executed. AALI were very supportive throughout the RPL process.
Overall Rating EXCELLENT.
Greg Beadle (Certificate IV Training and Assessment RPL)

I thoroughly enjoyed my course and don't think there is any way it could have been improved! AALI have been fantastic to deal with, and the course was easy to understand and hassle-free. I will certainly recommend to others. And it was especially nice to get a personal phone call from Kev to congratulate me on my successful completion. 
Thanks so much for everything! 
Katie Risstrom (Certificate IV in Small Business Management)

The experience that I have had with your company is nothing short of exceptional.
I very much appreciate the speedy manner in which you have dealt with all of my enquiries.
I have recommended AALI to many of my colleagues already and will continue to do so into the future.
David Cunneen (Diploma of Management)

A big thank you to Kev for his patience and understanding in guiding me through the RPL process for the TAE40110.  Nothing was too much trouble and he went the extra mile to accommodate my needs.
 I would recommend AALI as a great educational establishment for new and continuing students alike.
 Thanks again. Overall Rating EXCELLENT.
Dana Junokas (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

 I completed TAELLN411.
I found the whole process from enrollment to completion easy to follow.
The content and resources provided for the unit were easy to follow and navigate through.
My trainer was supportive and promptly assisted with any questions I had.
Chiara Sherwood (TAELLN411 Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

AALI made this RPL and LLN process a positive one. The support AALI gave me during this course was professional and encouraging.
I would recommend the team to others. Overall Rating EXCELLENT.
Lisa Sarris (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment RPL)

Having only done one module LLN with your company, but having completed numerous online courses with another company I consider the depth which you went with the subject to be of a way higher standard than the other company. Your assignments etc. was also better in that I actually had to think about what I was doing which is not normally a challenge for me when studying. Well done. I have recommended you to an associate who wishes to do Training and Assessment as I am confidant he will get what he is trying to archive.
Barry Gordon (TAELLN411 Online Student)

My AALI Assessor was extremely timely with feedback. There were no long delays wondering abot the outcomes. The office support team was also very helpful and easy to deal with. All in all my experience was very positive. I would have no hesitation in using AALI again for other programs.
David King (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment)

Upon enrolment, there was a quick communication. AALI introduced themselves straightaway. What I like the most is the personalised service that was shown to me. I really felt like I'm the only student enrolled with AALI because of the prompt and high level of response I received. I'm sure other students will also feel the same way.
I never felt ignored that's why I was really impressed with the entire process. I did the RPL pathway and clear directions were given to me. There was a genuine concern to help students so that's really something to note. I will definitely recommend AALI to my family and friends in Australia. AALI are truly amazing and suggest to continue the warm welcome and build trust with new students. It really sets a good impression.
Anthony Celzo (Certificate IV in Frontline Management RPL)

Very professional. Know their stuff with excellent communication. High-level knowledge and application in contextualisation of Adult learner methodologies. Understanding of needs and able to make a sensible plan without being money-hungry. (some RTOs it is obvious that money is the first concern - with AALI it was always 'me' the learner as point of concern.)  I would certainly recommend AALI as an excellent RTO to others inside & out of my industry.
Jill Howe (Certificate IV in Training and Assessment RPL)

Appreciate the support. It was really a smooth process and I note your responsiveness. It feels great when you get outstanding service.
Anthony Celzo (Certificate IV in Frontline Management)

Thank you very much for your prompt attention in assisting me to gain this qualification required for work .
I would certainly recommend the AALI to other prospective students. Overall rating EXCELLENT.
Janelle Shileds (Diploma of Management)

Thank you very much! I look forward to receiving my SOA.
Thank you for your assistance and I will be sure to use AALI for future studies.
Kristen Kachel (Certificate IV in Small Business Management) 

Got my certificate last week. Thank you a million times for your helpfulness, approachability, and genuineness during my course.
Corey Colthup (Certificate IV Small Business Management)

I completed two qualifications via RPL. The staff were very easy to deal with and all questions were answered promptly. Communication was excellent and the qualification issued quickly. I would recommend this RTO to others. Overall rating EXCELLENT.
Michelle James (Certificate IV in Frontline Management and Certificate IV in Business)

The support and professionalism purveyed by your organization has been of an exemplary level. I myself being a Trainer and Assessor have exceptional standards of professionalism with a background in Corporate business activities and extremely high levels of expectation of learning institutes that I engage with, although that has not always been the case. In this case though I am extremely satisfied with the professional delivery and support that has been provided in relation to the qualification I have just completed and been awarded for in Adult LL&N for Trainer and Assessors. I would not have any hesitation at all in referring your learning institution to others, including learners in future. I have nothing but the highest regard for what your organization is providing to it's learners.
Scott Hanlon (TAELLN411 Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

Enrolling was easy. The follow up phone calls professional and appropriate. Guidance via phone and email made to completion smooth. The resources needed for this TAELLN411 unit were clear. Altogether just what I needed. I am looking forward to completing the Certificate IV Front Line this year.
Kenneth Smith (TAELLN411 Address Adult Language Literacy and Numeracy Skills)

It was a pleasure working with both Kev & Colin from AALI during my RPL process. Overall rating EXCELLENT.
Paul Price (Certificate IV Frontline Management)

Colin has been very helpful during the course, given advice and feedback very promptly. The RPL process was very smooth as well.  
The online platform is well done and very accessible.  
Sarah Huaraka (Certificiate IV in Training and Assessment)

Excellent service and support. I was concerned that it would be a painful process but pleasantly suprised at how professional and experienced the Trainer / Assessor was. Many thanks to all at AALI. I would gladly continue to update my skills with you in the future. Highly recommend your services.
Jane Jones (Certificate IV in Business)

An excellent experience. Thank you for your professional conduct. I will be active in recommending your services.
Jane Jones (Certificiate IV in Training and Assessment)

I am pleased to be able to endorse the Australian Adult Learning Institute’s Customer Service Ambassador Program. AALI have developed a high quality training package that focuses on providing the skills for all staff to understand what they can do to create the optimum customer service experience.
Malcolm Richards (CEO Master Electricians Australia)  

The whole training experience you provided was, from mine and the participants’ view, richly rewarding.
A broad air of excitement exists across all areas and a sense that we can reinvent ( I’d like to say revolutionise ) the way we conduct our business. I couldn’t be happier at this stage.
Chris Moroney (General Manager iPi Catering PNG)

Thank you for all your support, whilst I was completing my Certificate IV in Training and Assesment. The materials from AALI and mentoring from your Trainer made the completion of my qualification easier than I thought possible. The knowledge and skills I have gain whilst completing my qualification have equipt me to professionally work in the industry of training and development.
Mitchell Brodricks (Manger HP Enterprises)

I wanted to say in the 14 years I've been with ANZ, the session that you facilitated for us as leaders, was just one of the best things that I have ever been through or done. It gave me a much greater understanding of my peers, my staff as well as myself. Thank you.
Jacqueline Daaboul (ANZ Team Leader)

AALI have the greatest and engaging trainers that I have ever met. The trainers made me "WANT" to learn. If you are looking for inspiration then AALI is the company you want to be taught by. If I could give a gift to any company, it would be a visit from the AALI Trainers.
Crystal Manusu (ANZ Branch Manager)

I wanted to take this opportunity to formally thank you for the outstanding course you lead last week. Each module was presented with due care and attention – your presentations overall were very captivating and I actually retained a great deal of the content. Time Management is so important to me – and you really delivered a quality programme without running overtime.  I honestly cannot tell you how often this doesn’t happen.Throughout my career in Telstra, I have been afforded the opportunity to participate in many training courses.  I have never had cause to provide such glowing feedback.  The content was excellent but the presentation was perfection. I have sung your praises to my Executive Director and know that feedback has also been shared with the General Manager of Service. Thank you.
Leah Newnham (Telstra Manager)

The Trainer was dynamic who very quickly engaged his students by being very open, positive, friendly, knowledgeable and down to earth. Wartsila used the Trainer for Leadership Training which when conducted by most organisations can be very dry and boring material. This was not the case with the approach that was used, right from the start we could see that this was going to be a difference experience. The Trainer used very effective activities and real examples to keep the subject matter interesting, practical and fast paced. All Wartsila attendees found the training to be the best leadership training they had ever received.
Andrew Segula (Wartsilla HR & Administration Manager)

Thank you for your support in working with Malay on the Certificate IV this year.
It has also brought great value to our business. The learning and expertise that she is sharing with us from the training has really helped us to strengthen our training design process, and how we are approaching projects in general. We are developing our assessment tools and our planning has become much more structured as a result of her inputs. She is also leading a team of colleagues on a project to internally validate some of our existing courses as a way to both improve our product and to help build the skills of her colleagues.
Susanna Coghlan (Managing Director AAA Cambodia)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are the qualifications you offer approved by Centrelink?

Yes they are. All qualifications offered by the Australian Adult Learning Institute are approved by the Australian Government Department of Human Service for Austudy, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowance and Pensioner Education Supplement. We suggest discussing this with Centrelink to determine your eligibility.

Can I complete my qualification in less than 12 months?
Yes you can. All of our qualifications are self paced and supported by a dedicated Trainer assigned to you who works at your pace.
Are your qualifications Nationally Recognised Qualifications?
Yes they are. The Australian Adult Learning Institute is a Nationally Registered Training Organisation Provider No: 41044 and are registered on the National Government Training and Qualification Website (www.training.gov.au). 

We always recommend that you check that your Training Provider is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and not a third party broker acting on behalf of an RTO. Training Providers who are not a RTO cannot issue a Nationally Recognised Qualification. 
Why are your qualifications less expensive than other training providers?
At the Australian Adult Learning Institute we believe in "Making Education Affordable".
We offer online promotions throughout the year to ensure that our students are not paying over inflated prices that some training providers charge. The price advertised is for the full qualification to be completed within 12 months with no hidden charges.
Are there any hidden charges?
Definitely not, all prices advertised on our website are the full price for each qualification. We believe in being 100% transparent in all advertising and pricing.
Are your online learning materials truly online as many training providers say they are but they are only PDF files I can download or are they sent to me on a memory stick?
All our online training resources are 100% online, which means you can access your learning materials 24/7 and save your work online as you go. You can access your online learning via your Smart Phone, Tablet, Ipad, Desktop Computer, Laptop or MAC Computer.
You will have access to your very own online learning space where you can view all the learning resources you need to successfully complete your qualification at your own pace. Once enrolled, your online learning will be activated and you will be introduced to your dedicated Trainer and Assessor. Your Trainer and Assessor will work with you throughout your learning journey via phone, email or online. We will provide you with support and guidance to ensure that you become qualified with confidence.
All online learning resources are updated regularly to meet industry standards.
Once you have successfully completed your qualification you will still continue to have access to your online learning materials for your records and reference purposes.
How do I know I can trust the Australian Adult Learning Institute?
We are a customer centric organisation with all staff that follow and live this philosophy. We have over 25 years of industry experience in Adult Education with a goal to ensure that our student's needs are met. Please review our testimonials for recent feedback from our satisfied customers.
What resources do I need to complete my studies?
  • Any of the following technologies: Smart Phone, Tablet, Ipad, Desktop Computer, Laptop or MAC Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Email address
  • Adobe Reader & Adobe Flash Player
  • Basic Microsoft suite or equivalent
  • Printer
Is the Australian Adult Learning Institute's website secure?
Yes it is. At the Australian Adult Learning Institute, we respect your privacy and the securing and integrity of all of the information that you provide to us. Any information you provide to us is completely protected and is kept totally confidential.
Are you a Registered Training Organisation?
Yes we are. We are registered and listed on the training.gov.au website. Our Registered Training Organisation number is 41044. We strongly recommend that you look for the Nationally Recognised Training logo and Registered Training Organisation Number before you commence any qualification within Australia. Only Registered Training Organisations are authorised to display this logo and issue a certificate or statement of attainment for the qualification or studies you have completed.
How long do I have to complete my qualification?
All qualifications have the duration of twelve months to complete from the date of enrolment. We recommend completing 1 unit of competency per month.
Can I get an extension?
Yes you can. You can apply for a one, three or six month extensions. Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to your student handbook for more information.
What support will I get to complete my qualification?
You will be assigned a dedicated Trainer and Assessor who will be able to give you guidance and feedback on the units that you are studying, have completed, and have submitted for assessment.
How long does it take before I get my certificate?
Once you have achieved Competency in the final unit within your qualification, your certificate will be issued and posted to you via express post within ten working days.
Who will issue my certificate?
The Australian Adult Learning Institute will. Only Registered Training Organisations can issue Nationally Recognised Qualifications. 
How can I pay for my qualification?
We accept payment via Paypal, Credit / Debit Card, or by direct Bank Deposit, over the phone, or online.
Are my credit card details retained by the Australian Adult Learning Institute after I have paid for my qualification?
Not at all. To protect your details we hold no records of your credit card details or do we have access to this information after your payment has been made.

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